CÂU LẠC BỘ TÌNH DỤC - The Purpose Of Clubs  (2016)
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CÂU LẠC BỘ TÌNH DỤC - The Purpose Of Clubs (2016)

Hành Động , Tâm Lý - Tình Cảm , 18+ | 107phút

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Câu Lạc Bộ Tình Dục

'I want to be yours tonight...'
Three men from a social club get together for intimate reasons, then a cute and sexy girl happens to fall in front of them!

'A sexy and rich' guy who has to go to the military giving up his school credits, 'a loser' who just got discharged dreaming of heated love and 'a goose father' who hasn't had sex in forever, join a paragliding club for other reasons.

A hot and sexy girl appears in front of them and the three hyenas convince her to go to an oveight paragliding trip with them. Who will be the winner? This girl playing hard to get causes the three to shake and they start doing anything they need to get her to spend a night with them...